Devil's Bay Coffee is founded by a production beer brewer gone coffee entrepreneur. He left the beer world behind to pursue a MBA. During his MBA, lots of late nights and coffee were had. This formed a discerning taste for coffee with a requirement of great flavor. In a sense you can take a beer brewer out of the brewery but not the brewer out of the person. With this passion for coffee and flavor, Devil's Bay Coffee was created.


Why Devil's Bay?

Something about coffee inspires me. It is easy to speed thorough life and barely absorb your surroundings. However, sitting down and enjoying a coffee allows you time to be reflective and inspired. Personally, my favorite thing to do is take my coffee and observe the beauty of nature. In my experience, enjoying a cup of coffee at Devils Bay represents this feeling perfectly. Our goal at Devil's Bay Coffee is to create a coffee that allows everyone to experience their own Devil's Bay. Whether you are traveling, catching up with a friend, or in your living room we want you to make inspiring coffee.