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15% Off of you first order
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Single Origin Coffee: What Is The Big Deal?

First Post! Have you ever wondered what is the deal with single origin coffee? in the post I explore one of the basic principles that makes Single origin coffee unique. 

Hello World !!

Finally! After lots of hard work Devil's Bay Coffee is ready for business!! We deliver inspiring coffee directly to you. I have big plans to use this blog to explore the world of coffee and share my favorite coffee beverages, recipes, and knowledge of coffee.

Ready Set Brew Coffee!

The mission of Devil’s Bay Coffee is to share inspiring flavors that will motivate you to do whatever you do. We are for everyone! early birds, midnight owls, or just catching up with friends. Whatever you’re up to, you deserve fresh roasted coffee straight to your door.


Looking down on to a fresh cup of coffee

Devil’s Bay Coffee presents: Single Origin Coffee

To kick things off, I have decided that Devil’s Bay will focus on single origin coffee to start. This is a weird part of coffee that has a few things in common with wine. You heard me! coffee and wine have things in common. The environment that grapes or coffee plants are grown in has a profound impact on flavor that develops. The result is the coffee bean develops a distinctive flavor that can only be found in beans from that area of the world. This also means that depending on the environment the flavors may change year to year. This offers a unique and exclusive experience that you may only get to try once, just like some wines 😊.

If the location matters how do I know where my coffee is from? This is an easy answer it is in the name! However, most coffee blends do not list the origin. Check out the single origin coffee we have avalible for delivery to you below. I strongly recommend remembering what origin you like the best, this will help you know what coffee you like in the future and help you find what you like at any coffee shop. Happy Brewing!


  • Brazil Santos, Parana & Sao Paulo Brazil,
    • Roast: Medium
    • Tasting Profile: Elegant, smooth cup with cocoa notes
  • Colombia, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
    • Roast: Medium
    • Tasting Profile: Dried orange, berry, chocolate
  • Costa Rica, Alajuela, Costa Rica
    • Roast: Medium
    • Tasting Profile: Sweet apple, raisin, honey
  • Ethiopia, Sidama Zone, Ethiopia
    • Roast: Med-light
    • Tasting Profile: Milk chocolate, fruity, caramel
  • Honduras, Marcala, La Paz, Honduras
    • Roast: Medium-dark
    • Tasting Profile: Caramel, spice, brown sugar
  • Tanzania, Mbeya Region of Tanzania
    • Roast: Medium-light
    • Tasting Profile: Pear, floral, jasmine, strawberry.

 Devil's Bay Coffee Log on a Blue and red sunrise

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